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F45 Brussels Central Station Studio


F45 Brussels, part of the renowned global franchise, boasts a prime location near Central Station. Not only was I a proud member of this studio, but I also frequently crafted promotional videos for their Instagram presence.

What is F45?

F45, representing “Functional 45 minutes”, is a distinguished studio chain offering diverse 45-minute HIIT workouts. For franchise owners like Annelies Van De Walle and Evally El Foloma of F45 Brussels Central, promoting the studio is a paramount challenge. Recognizing this, they tapped into my expertise in marketing and communication to elevate their presence on Instagram.

Photo of the F45 Coaches in a triangle formation


Increase in video views on instagram

Increasing Brand Awareness Through A Series of Promotional Videos

As the f45 studio doesn’t have the option to personalize their website, the goal was to elevate their F45 studio image with high quality content on Instagram, which is the main touchpoint with future customers. 

While F45 studios lack customization options for their websites, the objective was to enhance F45 Brussels Central’s image with premium content on Instagram—the primary interface for prospective members.

My role involved producing engaging content that encapsulates the studio’s ethos and activities. This spanned creating and editing videos—from teamwork-focused sessions and DJ events to F45 member interviews.

My Role as the F45 Studio's Photographer

In addition to my other duties, I took on the role of the studio’s official photographer. I had the honor of capturing high-quality headshots of our talented main trainers, ensuring they shone in the best possible light. Furthermore, I was there to document special occasions and events.

Christophe has amazing creation and design skills. Technical skills to shoot videos of the highest quality; soft skills to understand our vision and bring it to life. It’s amazing how he put both skill sets together to create digital content. We are very happy with how he edits videos, creates captions and shows the essence. It’s truly digital design. We recommend you to work with him if he has time, when he’s not working with us. 

Annelies Van De Walle, 

Co-owner of the F45 Brussels Central Station Studio

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